When we didn't have remotes

Thursday, May 6, 2010

So, after a year, we finally hooked up the surround sound. Wait, let me change that...he, hooked up the surround sound. Why? Because a friend stopped by with Avatar, what a fantastic movie! But to stay on subject...we couldn't find the remote. The world stopped because the remote was lost. All the men in the room, and there were three of them just looked at each other with their think bubbles saying "what do we do now?"
What happened to when we actually GOT UP and turned things on? Now, we have ten remotes and even a remote to turn on the remotes! I didn't say a word. Yes, I didn't giggle, well, on the outside anyway. I calmly went to the machine, found the "on" button, and flicked it into position ...guess what? We soundly had beautiful surround sound! Imagine that!?
Of course, later I did find the remote, but I now wonder, if I didn't get up and turn it on, would we have seen the movie?