Free TeleClass on Seasonal Allergies

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Description: If you are having challenges with seasonal allergies this year, let best-selling author, medical intuitive and health expert Caroline Sutherland guide you to breathing better this spring. Find out what's behind your sensitivities to molds, ragweed and pollens and liberate yourself from seasonal allergy misery!

Date: 05/27/2010
Time: 9:00 PM ET (ET) New York Time

Overcoming Seasonal Allergies

Led By: Caroline Sutherland

Teleclass Description:

How to Overcome Seasonal Allergies

Are you having trouble breathing? Are you affected by seasonal allergies - pollens, ragweed, molds and grasses? Stop your misery.

Find out how to boost your immune system and say goodbye to seasonal allergies. Join Caroline Sutherland health expert and author of "The Body Knows" books for this informative TeleClass.

Caroline will discuss:

- Which foods trigger seasonal allergies.
- Which remedies are most effective.
- What your bedroom reveals about allergies.
- Why your laundry room can trigger allergic responses.
- What steps you can take to improve your breathing.
- How to unburden an over-loaded immune system.
- The metaphysical meaning behind breathing issues.

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