All You magazine

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All You (1-year)
While I am getting my other reviews and giveaway together, I thought I would take a moment and share some of the things in my life that I just could not do without. The first one that comes to mind is All You magazine.
I subscribe faithfully year after year and have never been let down. It's like a friend that has come to visit when it comes in the mail! I have to have that cup of tea, my afghan of love ( my mom made it and it's all mauvey colors) and peace and quiet. I do grab it and take it with me when I am on the go too, for some quick reads, but then I always go back and reread it.
It's FULL of information! So full, that I have a notebook too when I read and here's why...It's also FULL of coupons, websites and *here it is* places to get freebies, and oh, yeah, I did mention coupons. I do have a subscription but sometimes the coupons are so great, I do go and buy another magazine. The notebook- I found that I have to write some things down because if I tear out a page, well, then the coupon is torn on the other side or vice versa, so I just write it down.
I can't say enough about this magazine though. I have gotten it for gifts, even for a housewarming gift- it's perfect! I was thinking with Mother's Day coming up, it would be great for a mom...It's not age trageted either, which is just another thing that I love about it.
Ok, enough about All You (1-year) I was just reading it today and had to share what a fantastic magazine it really is!

Thanks ALL YOU!