The Whirlwind Begins

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I love September!
By far, it is the busiest of all months for me, but it also brings with it, the energy needed for all the upcoming "little whirlwinds".
I got to open all the windows the other day and it was wonderful!
Last night, I could already smell bonfires in the air...ahhh, Fall:-)

September is busy on the National Calendar as well.

 Here is just a taste, but these things will be mentioned on here, coming up. Many things are in store for this month.

National Menopause Awareness Month- I was blessed with the opportunity to review a book by Staness Jonekos; just wait to see what that's all about and the generous giveaway that will be happening with that!

There will also be other things...links, freebies, and information that is so important and helpful for this time of transition.

National Chicken Month -all month there will be chicken everything. Facts, recipes, freebies and links, links links!

National Cholestrol Education Month lots of stuff about this. Something that we really don't think about...until the doctor says we need to. So, I have gathered links, references and info.

National Literacy Month- can you imagine just for a second what it would be like not to be able to read? I can't. Reading is an escape for me. I can go to any place in the world that I want to...and that is by picking up a book. Some people cannot even write their name, or read...anything. We will explore some of that this month. Reading IS Fundamental.

National Sewing Month    can you My mom can sew anything...absolutely anything. Me?? Haha. We won't go there. Let's just say that after I took my sewing machine to a class and tried SO hard to sew a jumper for my daughter, the teacher politely told me that, "Perhaps sewing just isn't your thing, dear". I gathered all my pieces of my now completely sewn inside-out, pockets upside down jumper (hey, it WAS unique, right?) not saying a word, not shedding a tear...until I got into my car. I went home, put my sewing machine in the closet and that is where it stayed. OK, so I can do other things. The apple fell into another stratosphere on that one!
Lots of goodies for this...hang on

Suicide Prevention Month  Need I say more? There will be links for this, and phone numbers.

and... National Chocolate Milk Day which is September 27 (hubby will LOVE that).

Then...oh, do I have the reviews/giveaways!
New scents- candles, bath potions, lotions and massage bars.
New things for the house- *whisper* Tupperware is not like what it used to be.
Food products galore. and did I mention bling?
I am giggling as I type much for all of you is coming...and fun for me- I LOVE this!
I also have lots of places to sign up for surveys, if interested, as well as other things I have found in my days of exile in the bed room air conditioning days. I don't about you, but these days I am looking for ways to add to that bottom line. Christmas will be here before we know it...and every little $1 helps!

So...make sure you have this place bookmarked! I know you already have subscribed, right? If not, then there is a place for you to do so, and of course, follow me on twitter and facebook- it will all be there too!

Let the fun begin!