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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This has been a summer of discovery for me. The blog name I have reflects just that, as I am "reinventing myself", and learning about myself all over again after raising my daughter.
In my quest to make this blog perfect, which is something that will never happen with a blog, I have often always looked for a better way and then instead, ended up not posting at all.
I mean, I was thinking, who really wants to hear about my life?
As I have found...many do!

Some fly through the empty-nest stage. Myself, I am stumbling along asking "where do I belong now". Some days I just don't feel, well, needed, I guess is the best word...not like before. We live in a VERY small town and that has alot to do with it. Take note, if you plan on emptying the nest, maybe you should do it somewhere that you can DO things. I would love to take classes, but other than online, there is nothing for me. I am learning though, what I do want to do and pursue.
I also learned about friendships. I have made some of the most meaningful friendships via Facebook. It took me quite awhile to jump on the bandwagon, but now that I have, I am so very happy to have "met" people that I have otherwise wouldn't have.
I have also learned that sometimes, we have to let go of the toxic ones. The ones that leave us so drained that we wonder why we have these people in our lives to begin with. It is getting easier to spot now, and easier to let go after seeing the devastation it can bring to myself and others.

So, that that being said...I am saying goodbye to the summer of discovery. This past summer I have started a dream journal, gotten back in touch with my spirituality and even gotten into reading more. I am learning that "technical" stuff isn't as scary as I thought and now I am addicted to crossword puzzles. Even though I couldn't do the things I wanted to outside...we went fishing twice, garden dried up, and we lived in a cave, with the curtains all drawn- all was not lost.

I also say goodbye to the hot, hot summer. As mentioned in my other post, here in Wisconsin, I didn't expect all.

I am grateful, VERY grateful that we had that because the nights would have been unbearable.
Now, as the cool night breeze is wafting through my office window and I can blog again...I feel *home*...sigh....good to be back.

September is National Menopause Month, and many great things are planned. I am really jazzed about it. All this time has given me time to research many things, authors, doctors, natural medicines and wow, so much more!

I have some great ideas for this blog now, whereas before I felt like I was wandering blind. I want this to be as individual as I am and not a copy of someone else's work.
I am going to be taking some classes online and will share what I learn on here as well as making and creating some things that I have IN my mind.

So, bring on September. I am more than ready to dive in.
Moms are getting their kids ready to back to school, silently thanking God that they will be getting some peace & quiet back. Kids are anticipating so much...what friends they will be making, what boys will be new to the school and what fads will be "in".
Stay tuned! It's going to be a rockin' month!


thepsychobabble said...

I'm glad this summer was good for/to you:)