Permission to PLAY!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sometimes, as adults, I think we forget alot of things. No, I don't mean memory loss...and no, I don't mean things like *ahem* putting your purse on top of the car and driving off (we will save that for another post), or looking for your glasses and they are on top of your head (been there, done that as well.)
What I am talking about, is just having pure, plain FUN!
Do you remember the days that our biggest worry was where to set up the Barbie Townhouse? Or which friend we were going to go to first after we got done with the homework? How about which teen idol we were SURE that we were going to marry? Then there were the times of being totally carefree- riding bikes for hours on end. I could for hours, on a ten speed bike, on that teeny, tiny seat and my butt didn't hurt! I didn't worry about a thing- nope, not one worry. Playing frisbee in the park, going to the beach after hours, just to sit on a special rock and write poems, or climbing a dune.
So, I am saying, we need to give ourselves permission to just have fun sometimes. It's ok to forget the bills, forget the things that we feel we should be doing, like housework. Anytime you hear that voice in your head saying "I should be doing..." while you are having a bit of fun...instead say " I give myself permission to have fun today. The bills can wait. The laundry won't combust into flames. The toilet won't run away if I don't clean it right this instant."
Go and have some fun. It's allowed! Really, it is~
You will feel so much better, refreshed, energized and whoever you are having the fun with will love it too- especially the kids!
If you can, maybe come back and share the fun you had. I would love to hear about it.


Dunnea said...

I do make time to play. I think I have been a child my whole life and still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. Far as I know, beachcomber isn't an official job skill. Too bad. Kids like me and talk to me differently than they do with those other "grups". They can tell my allegiance lies with Peter Pan, not Wendy.

dreamin2win said...

Well I must say that it sure is a pleasure to read the truth!
I agree wholeheartly!
"Give permission", that is so much nicer then .. Go away.. today is my day to do what I want for a
I believe I started taking time for me @ age 45.
I never stopped writing. I have learned to take a note pad & pen with me where ever I go. That's includes the shower. I will get out & write my though before I forget it.
I still ride my bike. Now I am under Dr. orders to do so. Ask me if I mind... Justified excuse to do something I love. Hubby & I are going to the beach tomorrow to ride. Glad hubby shares my joy of riding.

Anonymous said...

Remember when we couldn't wait to grow up? What were we thinking? I agree it's time for some fun! All that grown up stuff will still be there tomorrow, and next week, next month...sigh...but for now fun time! I was thinking about hopscotch last night for some reason. Weird, huh, but maybe a sign ;)

Karen said...

I agree with you. We must all take time out to have fun. I miss it.

I remember when one of the biggest worries was: am I going to be able to get a swing at recess. Learning how to tie shoes, graham cracker snacks after nap time in kindergarten, oh those were the days.