The Humor of Menopause-The Beginning

Monday, May 31, 2010

This is the all the entries The Humor Of Menopause
This is the beginning too- to laughing our asses off about it as well as every other emotion that decides to pop up!

As most of you know, I had a hysterectomy (kept the ovaries though) in October of last year. What had led up to that, was a year of alot of pain, bleeding and what I had called "hot flashes"...I now see that was the beginning. But prior to that, I was dealing with fibroids that just wouldn't go away. By the time I had the hyst, I was told it was likde I was carrying a 4-5 month old fetus!
Why I am writing this is if ANY of you have any unsual pain, unbearable cramps, excessive bleeding...don't be brave and "suck it up" like I did. I very well may have done some damage to my organs from all the weight pulling on them. I always thought, and had learned "it was that time of the month, you deal with it, you be quite and that's that". My doctor urged me to tell all the women I know, young and old alike, if you have painful periods, see a doctor. At the very least, he/she will tell you things are fine. Most of all, let the young ladies in your lives, your daughters, nieces, etc...know this.
The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing During the ChangeI recommend Dr. Christiane Northrup's Books. I have read The Wisdom of Menopause and it's so much than "just another menopause book". If you learn to embrace menopause, mind, body and spirit- but most of all understand it, then it's not so scary. She also has other books, which are amazing! In this book too, you will learn about vitamins, supplements, and so much more.
I bring this book up because for the past week, it's been like a bible to me....The Bible of Menopause
This past two weeks, I have gotten the full cycle back since the hysterectomy- full swing, no sugar added, no breaks. But I do have to say, I have seen the other side...and it was nice. For the past six months, the "peri"menopause symptoms were nominal, now that I have seen the full force.
To think that I called those hot flashes before? Pfffft, what I had before pales in comparison to what I have felt in this past 10 days. I have had all 7 of those menopausal dwarfs (see one of my funnies of the day- they are there in all their glory!) seeming ALL at the same time dancing around. Heck, I could even name some more that appeared...and stayed for a bit!
The flashes leave me feeling like a deflated balloon, with a HOT face and chest. I just find my recliner and rock away the panic attack that then sets in...for about 20 minutes. Think of...kites flying, puppies, swimming in cool water, anything,
I have cried at birds feeding at the feeder, especially cried at this oil gusher,  then laughed at a really DUMB commercial, then get irritated from noises, especially the TV- I think the term for that is yeah, *bitchy*?
Yep, all of those dwarfs...Oh, I need to add Clumsy, Goofy, and "IForgot" and "Where'sMy".
Yesterday, the love of my life proclaimed it was a "me" day. I think he was scared... haha. More on that later.
Meantime, ladies, please let it out about menopause- we gotta keep the humor in this. It keeps us sane! I need to hear from you and hear how you deal!


Tricia said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. At 48 1/2 years old I haven't had any symptoms of mentalpause yet and am grateful for that. The only thing that scares me about going through this would be the panic. In fact I think I'm going to have a panic attack, thinking about the possibility of a panic attack.

Anonymous said...

You're gonna hate me, but I flew through menopause with nary a symptom. Not a hot flash in site. The mental stuff...not sure since I've always had some of that! I already paid my dues for over 30 years, getting morning sickness sort of symptoms every month during ovulation, so I consider it even :)