Thank you Angela of MommyPR!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Many thanks goes to Angela, of Mommy PR for the new look! Ellie, of A Little of This and A Little of That
and I tried to make the other one work, but Angela is the Guru Queen of Blogs! She is such a sweetheart too, many, many thanks to you Angela!
Ok, so time to rock this blog! I will be promoting it everywhere- I need followers! Please just take a second of your time and mention it to friends.
I can't wait to start reviewing products so I can share the information with all of you. I will be perusing and finding great freebies, deals, samples, survey opoortunities and anything else I feel as a consumer is worth sharing.
I will also be posting alot of information on getting back to healthy. In the whirlwind of my life I have given in to just making quick boxed, I am in the country (LOVIN' it!) and have gone back to simple. 
I will be posting organizational tips that I am learning, or have learned as well as cleaning tips.
So, as mentioned before, you just never know what you find on here- come back often!
I also have a facebook page Reinventing Myself Facebook fan page
click and be a fan!
Ooooh, I am so excited!


Jennifer M said...

Looking forward to some healthy tips. Hubby and I are both working on moving in that direction.