Peaceful weekend

Monday, April 12, 2010

I have been battling with the other half over his news addiction. In light of really bringing positive energy in and the law of attraction, I feel that news is just ugly. Sure, we do need "some" just so we know what's going on...but do we really even know what is really going on, or what we are supposed to hear? Enough about that.
I made the suggestion to just shut off the TV over the weekend. The weather was gorgeous and we were waiting on some phone calls anyway, so we did for one day. It was so peaceful that the one day turned into two, and now, this morning, we watched the weather and shut it off, gladly! Oh, we did watch The Tudors, which did start a new season (yeah!). I do have my favorite shows, and we do make it a point to watch them, but what I am going to do now, is DVR them: Deadliest Catch, Life (awesome nature show!), Nurse Jackie, and Gold Fever, oh yeah, cannot forget American Pickers and Pawn Stars...and that's it. I subscribe to Netflix, and LOVE that. For $16/mo we watch alot of movies and not just the fluff, but educational stuff too. Looks like I will be dropping alot of channels on DISH once this deal runs out that we have.
I can thank Tiger Woods too! We got so tired of hearing "breaking news" about him. So, his adulterous lifestyle was a blessing for me- thanks again Tiger-we learned to shut the noise off due to you!
I would recommend it to anyone! We were so happy over the weekend too- positive gets positive...TRY it; take baby steps and just try it for say, an hour...then two hours and so on:-) You will be glad you did.
Oh yeah, have kids? Try it- go outside. Make turning off the TV a treat, or a game so they will look forward to shutting off the noise.


Anonymous said...

We watch Life also. My husband loves those kinds of shows. He hates "normal" TV. He is always watching the nature shows. Me? I love love love Nurse Jackie. I tell ya girl, we are so much alike!