Road Trip!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The weather is gorgeous here in upper Wisconsin! We have a road trip planned to go and see the family. We didn't get to see them at Christmas due to the fact that I had surgery the month before and I would have never been able to handle the 8 hours there, let alone the 8 hours back. I love the drive there, it's very scenic, nature everywhere. I will be sure to take pictures of my travels and share them.
I will also be around real places to shop! Hold me back! I have been saving a little bit of money here and there so I can hit Target (we don't have one here) and Old Tyme Pottery (my absolute favorite store for kitchen stuff and greenery) and of course, JoAnn Fabrics and Michael's....I also love perusing the truck stops, you just never know what cool thing you will find there!
So, today, that is what I am doing- gathering for the trip, making lists so I don't forget anything and getting so excited!
I haven't seen my daughter in almost a year- it will be great to catch up with her! Then there is my Grandma. She's 92 years young, and if I am half the woman she is, then I am blessed. My mom, who, over the years now has become a very good friend...and the rest of the gang. I plan to take alot of pictures too.


Anonymous said...

oooh can't wait to see the pictures!!! You will post them on here won't you??

MonCherie said...

Yep, I sure will-stay tuned!