Wow...what a year!

Monday, June 23, 2014

When I decided to call this blog "Reinventing Myself" it was for many reasons, the main one being that I had shed the corporate business suit, along with the income! But I still had that promotional "had to" in my blood. I found myself at the one and only Walmart in town-(one & only department store, save a two hour drive!) telling people what a great product this was or that was. I have been in promotion and marketing my whole life, since the age of 16 and well, it's just a part of me... So, how did I get here? Believe me, I have asked that particular question MANY times over. Hubby & I decided to move to the country after he had a major accident at work and we were told to "get comfortable" while we went through a workman's comp lawsuit (what a nightmare and whole different post!) The opportunity had come up to redecorate/reinvent houses aka "flip" them with a friend. I am also an artist so I liked the idea of doing that. It would give me something to do while the hubby recouped from surgeries he was scheduled for. The country?? Sure. A great change of pace-or so I thought. If any of you reading this has gone through a workman's comp ANYthing, you know what a nightmare it is...It seemed I had to do all the work that we were paying the lawyer to do. NOTE: Always talk to two or three lawyers before choosing one. The town we moved to has a population of 300; 302 with hubby & I. It has a teeny, tiny, antiquated library, which is on the Main St- the only street. At first, it was like Mayberry USA. People were friendly, but cautious as with a small town. The BAD thing about a small town, if people don't know your business, they assume. Hubby & I are pretty private people in that matter so speculations wild & tame flew everywhere...everything from we had a huge inheritance to well, the unimaginable. The really funny thing was when people would talk to me ABOUT me, not knowing who I was- I just nodded & smiled. Long story short, the deal fell through with the "friend", even sold the house out from under us that we were living in! That's when we met our first angel here...our landlord, let us move in, within 3 days. Granted we moved a four bedroom house into a tiny one bedroom with a sideroom- and basement. He saved us, literally. I never counted on two surgeries for myself, as well as other surprises that kept me from blogging... So, that's where we've been for the past 7 years, "hunkering down" as the lawyer told us to do. We had planned on 2 maybe three years, then go back to civilization- God had other plans! As I said, that's a whole 'nother post but I am happy, sooooooo happy to say that it's OVER! That means, in a few short months, or sooner, we will be back where we belong, among people, and shopping- man, how I miss shopping! THAT means that I have contacted many sponsors, even the ones from before and have quite a few reviews/giveaways coming up. What stopped me before? We are the middle of nowwhere, winters here are beyong brutal and everything comes to a halt, including mail & shipments. I would have hated to have someone win, and I couldn't get on the internet- which went down everytime the wind blew it seemed, or worse, have a sponsor send a product and I not get it. I turn a whopping 50 years old- yep, another post for just a few weeks. I hope you all will join me for the fun again! I am pretty rusty at the blogging thing...all the bells & whistles I need to relearn, so please be patient with me. I'd love to hear from all of you again. I promise to stay with this baby, through the move and once again, "reinvent myself" when we finally get back to living! If any bloggers care to help me resurrect this blog- please contact me! it will be greatly appreciated as well as helpful to you too!