Mind, Body, Spirit (and the 70's)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I guess I should explain  why I don't post for a few days sometimes...people may wonder. I am dealing with some medical issues and some days it's just hard to post. The only reason I WILL post about it is so others can learn from it. After years of listening to doctors instead of my "gut". I wish I would have done that long ago. So, if I can pass on my wisdom to anyone know, I will gladly do so! I always look for the good in things, so even though this isn't the greatest to deal with, the silver linings are that I will be reviewing products that make like a little more comfortable, easier, healtheir, or just plain fun!

I have dealt with fibromyalgia for over 10 years and it seems that I flare more over the times that I have a monthly cycle. As I get older, the pain is more prominent, or I am just plain NOT tolerant of it as I was.
Another issue that I just learned I have is spinal degeneration-so, all in all, that could have been causing the fibromyalgia pain all this time. I was very angry  when I first learned that a month aga. All this time, the doctors didn't listen to me, when I told them the pain was different, or progressing- or just plain hurting more. Not one of them sent me for tests on the nervous system, or spine...So, please, if you don't feel "right" about something a doctor tells you, doesn't tell you or won't test you- or your family, for that matter- fight for it. See another doctor if you have to, until someone DOES listen to you...
AND don't just let them slap a lable on you and send you on your way. Research it, but also be careful in doing that, or you can scare yourself silly too.
Best advice...know your body and teach your children at a young age, to listen to their bodies. It's all mind, body and spirit and the sooner they learn that, the better!
Now, I have a new doctor(s) and they listen. More importantly, they care- and I have had tests done that pinppoint the problems instead of vague "let's try this" approaches.
So, while I have been nursing the soul, spirit and trying to deal with this pain, I went back in my mind to happier times....and this is where the fun begins!
I am a child of the 70's and those were good times, so guess what?

Every day, we are going to flasback, somehow, some way, to the 70's, maybe the 80's for a bit. It might be music, pictures of something to make you go "oh yeah"...you just never know!