The "Men" in Menopause...

Thursday, June 3, 2010


In the last few days, I have done alot of reflecting. I hear you do that when you get to be "this age". I have also done alot of head shaking. I am doing that because going through this cycle thing, I don't even know what you call it- when you don't have a period per se, but all the dwarfs are here- yeah, those menopausal meanies are still here.
So, back to the head shaking- men really just don't "get it". So, I was ironic that this is called "menopause". It certainly gives us women a reason to pause...and think...about men?
I quietly thought "I will not kill him, I will not kill him, I will not kill him" and just blinked when he said "you seem bitchy today, maybe you shouldn't have another cup of coffe".
WHAT did that man just say?
He did NOT just say anything about me not having my joy juice did he? Really? Because that would be traveling on dangerous territory. After all, I had just had a half of cup, and he knows, I have two cups a day.
He did NOT make a comment about my mood, did he? Naaaa, I couldn't have heard that right? This is the same person that had a hissy fit and didn't want to talk because it started raining when he wanted to go fishing. Naaa, he didn't just say something about MY mood! did he?
Just keep rocking in this recliner, shaking my head and just and drink my coffee, think...happy, happy thoughts.
Funny thing about all this is, I never used to think like this.
There was and will be a time, when I would just a) either ignore the statement or b) laugh it off or- even better- there would be no statement, because I wasn't bitchy.
When I am like this, for a little while, it's ummm, kind of cool- because I just don't care what anyone thinks. As long as I home, it's ok. And for just a few days, I picture the cartoon Maxine lady, the Golden Girls, and all the other older ladies that have spunk- because that will be me!
I am just entering another phase is all. This is a transition.
I often wonder if while that moth is in the cocoon, is there any turmoil going on in there? Is it just a smooth transition and it comes out an swesome, beautifully designed butterfly? I am sure that there was some squirming and some points the butterfly was very uncomfortable, wondering WHAT am I going through this for? it may even be struggling at one point just wants to give up- but look at what it would have missed if it did! Moreso, look at what everyone around it, would have missed- all of it's beauty, if it did!

Menopause, or any transition in life is not easy- but we all need to hang in there, and support each other any way we can! If you see someone struggling, help them out- you will be blessed in more ways than you could even imagine! If you are with somene that doesn't understand your transition, as with men and menopause, then find someone that does. That is why I write about this! Humor makes things livable- we have all either been there, going there, or will be there.


Chris said...

I love that vintage picture! I believe you are right - humor can assist us on making it through anything which leads me to believe you are going to be just fine. <3