The bunnies, the meatloaf and the cheese

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ok, so days later, I think I have stopped laughing enough to be able to even type what happened. I know, it's probably one of those stories that would be better appreciated if you were here, experiencing it and seeing it as I did- then we would be cracking up together...forever emblazoned in our memories, and mind's eye.
You might want to put down anything you are eating or drinking.
I would hate to be resposible for any accidents...

I was cleaning out the fridge and putting things aside that will go outside. I had some avocado skins (made some kick butt guacamole!), some old shredded cheese, and some old meatloaf, lemme see, what else was in there...
Oh yeah- it allllll started with an apple...or was it eggs?

I had an apple that had fingernail marks in it ...yeah, I thought the same too, yuch- especially knowing they weren't mine and they were like that right out of the bag. I cut it up and went to the back door, tossed it over the side of the deck where my bunny (note, the ONE bunny) usually goes. Then tossed the rest to the circle.
Let me explain, the circle is where we throw the other stuff and usually I see a raccon late at night, or, when we are really, really lucky an eagle! The main reasos is I like the idea of composting and putting back into the earth all that I can...and it's less garbage that we have around.

Back to the story (really I am laughing again)

So, I came back into the house, thinking...I have those avocado skins I can toss out there.
I cut them up, go to the door and there is my one bunny. Usually it's on the side of the deck but it's by the circle, by the apples, not eating, just sitting there.
I toss some avocado skins out there, having a small bowl, go back and get some more. When I come back, there are three bunnies. The first one didn't move one hair (pun intended). I toss out the skins.
Now I am excited! I have three bunnies!
I am in the kitchen and I grab the cheese and put it in the bowl and fling- and oopsy, wow- there are now, seven bunnies!
They are all lined up, like little soldiers...Now, I am REALLY excited! I haven't seen this many bunnies since we moved here!
I saw one bunny- I know she had babies, but never saw them again- just the one!
I am about tripping over myself to get to the meatloaf!
"Surely, they will LOVE the meatloaf! Then they will have all kinds of stuff to eat"-yeah, that's the nuturer, Italian, food-pusher Mothering in me...Eat! Monja!
I can't cut that meatloaf up fast enough!
I get the bowl to the door, and fling!
It's raining meatloaf on...whaaaaa.... TEN bunnies, again, all lined up like soldiers!
They have such LONG eyelashes too! They are gorgeous!
You know how I know they have long eyelashes?
Because Kraft Shredded Cheddar, the Fancy cut,, even was hanging off a few of their eyelashes!
*Excuse me while I lose it again*
They all were just looking at me and blinking while meatloaf was raining down on their furry little heads!
They never moved, never flinched, stayed all lined up...and just blinked...and looked at the crazy, mad woman that was laughing so hard she about peed her pants and made the dog across the way bark!
It was too dark to take a picture, and besides, I was laughing so hard, I probably couldn't hold a camera anyway!
I did borrow this pic though- just so you have a visual in your head while reading this.

Told you it was funny!
These are the type of things that happen to me all the time.
Stay tuned for more.

I am editing to add...I have one of those OMG, embarassing gut laughs that makes everyone laugh before they even know what they are laughing at...
So, when the other half came flying up the stairs, he had thought I was crying and was asking, "what happened, what's wrong, ...which only made me laugh harder, because trying to tell him, with tears streaming down my face from laughing, I would only get the cheese part then couldn't finish.
Of course, with me cackling, and it was traveling across the pond, which is more like a lake...that dog barking, and the other half pounding up the steps, those bunnies were gone....But the cheese and meatloaf still were there!
It's been 4 days since then. I haven't seen the bunnies since.
Can you imagine the talk at the "Bunny Bar" about me? Bwahahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

OMG too funny LOL! Maybe the bunnies were having some sort of secret meeting :P

Dunnea said...

This is too strange. I have a bunny story, too, about lunatic bunnies. One spring full moon, when I happened to be living in a small house surrounded by woods, I awoke at about two a.m. to a rather odd sound. I heard all the underbrush rustling and what sounded to me like many, many people walking all around the outside of the cabin. Being alone and far from any kind of help, I was terrified to look, certain a gang of ne'er-do-wells were about to attack me. Finally, curiosity and a certain amount of pissed off energy got me out of bed. I snuck to the window, pulled back a corner of the curtain - and there, bathed in moonlight as bright as day were possibly hundreds ( too many to count)of bunnies hopping all over the place. It was literally a full moon bunny hop and it was very well attended.

Darlene said...

OMG shredded cheese hanging off thier already long eyelashes. I bet you were the talk of the night in thier circle. GREAT STORY!