Let's hear it for playing outside

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yesterday, I had one of those days, that just started on the wrong note. I went to bed the night before, happy. I had journaled, meditated, drifted off into a nice slumber. Sleeping for people with fibromyalgia, isn't well, sleep...it's tossing, turning, kicking covers off, pulling covers on, just not getting that restful sleep- but we somehow manage.
I awoke to the phone phone ringing. You know, when you dream the phone is ringing, but it really is? Then wow, it's still DARK out?! So, heart racing, you trip over the blankets, run into the door, slide across the kitchen floor, and the dumb thing stops ringing! It was daughter with some bad news. I call her back...not a great start to the day.

With heavy heart, I make coffee. I didn't do my daily affirmations. I didn't do my daily gratitude. Heck, I didn't even go and look at my birds and bunnies playing. I went to the computer- thus began the day.
Well, we all know how a day like that can start...I really just wanted to rewind the morning and start over. I did try. I went and laid back down- nope, didn't work.
So, instead...I shut down this thing....and went to play outside! Not much to play with here so we decided to ....you guessed it!

Now, I should explain. Here, where when we go fishing, it's an adventure! We see soooo much more then just fish.
In just the short time we were out...and despite Mama Nature being stubborn and not letting loose with the warmth- I wore shorts, so these white chicken legs can get some sun...we saw....
Two Canadian geese, mom and dad, with 7 cute, teeny, tiny, goslings and they were teaching them how to swin and go back up the hill. I had to chuckle because there was one that did NOT like the hill and just wanted to sit there. All the other 6 goslings were pushing and nudging it while the mom and dad watched, looked at each other. You could almost see their think bubbles..."well, George, he's YOUR kid, do something!" "well, Martha, you babied him, now you show him he has to get up the hill"- and yes, they were quacking to each other. They waddled down the hill- and literally picked up that poor gosling with their beeks, not so nicely tossing him UP the hill. Now, I know the meaning of "getting goosed" *snicker*. They other goslings? They got a kick out of it too- they were all quacking, while the "gosee" pouted all by himself, at the top of the hill away from the rest.
Soaring overheard, was an eagle, and that, my friends, always takes my breath away. They are so regal, so elegant and so ahhhhhhh. It was already even flapping it's wings...just soaring....so free...not a worry in the world.

Then in flew some mallards, some swallows were skimming the water's surface for bugs, the trees were all swaying to their own song they heard from nature...It was all so rejuvenating and so breathtaking- until we heard the thunder. Then it was time to go. On the way home, we saw two deer playing in the fields. Turkey strutting all over the place, yeah, even down the road...pulled into the driveway to see my crabapple tree all pretty and white in full bloom.

 So, even though the day started out no so good, it ended on a fantastic note with a wink from Mother Nature! My suggestion if your day is blah? Go outside and play! Take a moment, or two and just enjoy. Look at the flowers blooming, really look at the them, take the time to enjoy the scent (yeah, take the time to smell the flowers!)...look around, enjoy!!