Got questions about the Wienermobile?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I was pretty fortunate. When I lived in Indianapolis, I saw the Wienermobile quite often. I never got to go inside, or go for a ride, but saw it all the time.
One time when my daughter was very small, still in a carseat, we followed it. Well, let me first explain...
I had won tickets to a Def Leppard concert, but had to go to the radio station to pick them up. My brother, who just got home from serving in the U.S. Air Force, was with us.
I got lost. I got SO very lost. The radio station had itself tucked away in the middle of the woods so people didn't bother them. I can say, yeah, no one would bother them because no one would FIND them! It was fun and giggles while that Wienermobile was in front of us- we were following a giant hot dog on wheels! What could be better!? It turned. From there, wow, things went very quickly!
Next thing I know, my daughter is frozen in a mid scream. I look, and there is a tank- an Army tank that could just run over my car and squash it like a bug! My brother was yelling, that I took a wrong turn...umm, ya think?!
I had somehow landed on the Army base. Next thing I know, there was a fence, and alot of guards asking "what is your purpose here?" "Ummm, I am following the hotdog thing" (daughter is still yelling, brother is wanting OUT of there). Guards are now laughing, but wow, they still looked scary, even when laughing.
They showed the way out- with an escort...Forget the Wienermobile. Forget the radio station. I went home. I stayed hoome. I called the radio station and after they were done laughing hysterically, they offered to mail me the tickets. "Yes, could you please do that?".
And that, my friends, is my Wienermobile story. My life. Now you see why I have a blog- perhaps I will work on a book!
Anyway- here is a way to follow what the Wienermobile does without getting lost...anywhere.
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