Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I live in Wisconsin where they say that summer doesn't begin until labor Day because of the cooler temperatures. Did Mother Nature forget that this year? Is she menopausal and wanting us ALL to feel her hot flashes too? Trust me Mama, we are feeling them! Matter of fact, for the past two days AND today, I am feeling yours and MINE...now, really, is that fair?
People up here don't really have central air. When we moved here, I couldn't believe all the windown units we saw. We have one too, for the bedroom for those nights when it's muggy and sticky, usually, in late *ahem* August. So, yeah, we don't even have the window unit in yet.
Our saving grace has been the basement is cool, so we have a fan blowing that cool air up from there.
I am always trying to turn negatives into positives...so this it- I have had this song stuck in my head in the past few days, just thought I would share and maybe this little ditty will do something for any of you that may be hot as well. Enjoy!


Tricia said...

Well I am ready to feel hot, hot, hot here in Oregon. We are still using the heater.