First the rain...then the sunshine

Monday, April 26, 2010

The last few days weren't good ones. But I am again reminded that when the rain ends, the sunshine comes and we are reminded how much we appreciate that sunshine...and that happens in more ways than one.
I had a scare with the fibromyalgia, but I have to ask myself it something more, or just ahhhh, well, those that deal with this PITA knows how I feel. Some days I just deal with it best I can and know how, then some days I want to fight like crazy, and figure it all out.
I was dealt a different hand to deal with the past few days, more severe spasms and in different places altogether- and much more scary...only to be told the tests came back "pretty normal" and go home, rest, use the heating pad, take your pain medication and call your doctor on Monday. *sigh* Well, going to fight this. I am NOT just going to sit back while this gets worse. I want life, and I want to do things like others...and I WILL. As I write this, I am looking up holisitic doctors. I am convinced that a combination of holistic and Western medicine is the way.
Onto the fun stuff...
I couldn't post my Google Connect Button ran away and from what I am understanding from other bloggers I guess that happens from time to time. So...onto the the giveaways, which WILL be posted later today. I plan on being a posting fool today.
I have quite fun watching a woodpecker lately. I think he is having an identity crisis of some sort though. He is feeding a female cardinal! It was funny because the female cardinal at first just looked at him as he sidled up to her, then she kind of walked sideways aways from him and he kept after her. Finally, slowly, she let him feed her a sunflower seed- blew my mind! I said to my other half "I wonder where the male is" He answered "oh, he's out buying the curtains and getting the nest all comfy while she's getting wined and dined by not only another bird, but another WOODPECKER"! Woodpeckers and cardinals are sworn enemies around here, so this is quite comical- our own little back porch drama
I am going to try and get some pictures.F


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