Dedication to Earth Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today, all posts are dedicated to Earth Day...except for, of course, the daily funnie. So, you might want to come back back, as I will be posting all kinds of treasures that I find all over.
I started my day by hearing the birds- they wanted me to feed the them, so I went out, filled the feeders and noticed quite a few robins in the yard. That reminded me to grab some used dryer sheets, and the lint that I am saving separately for them, grab my brushes, and take it all outside.
As I shredded the dryer sheets, into fine fly away pieces, same with the lint...I listed in my mind all that I am grateful for. I do that every morning, but this morning, as I let the sun shine on me, feeling the warmth of sun, listening to birds sing and chirp- I concentrated on Mama Earth and all she has given me...and more importantly- how I can preserve it for future generations to come.
Then I watched as the robins grabbed the pieces of dryer sheets and the, knowing they are going to use that to line a nest of their own. I cleaned out the brushes, letting the hair fly to the wind...See? My gray hair IS good for something other then making me shriek when I look in the mirror! The chickadees are partial to the hair for their nests.
And as I lifted my face to the sun, I thanked God for another day and went on with my appreciation list in my mind...It's such a great way to start the day!
Happy Earth Day everyone!
What are you going to do to celebrate it?