Beautiful Day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow- Spring HAS more teasing from Mama Nature! I saw a turkey strutting his stuff, of course, not a female in sight. I guess he was just praticing. Then again, I have seen turkeys strutting to other male turkeys before- yeah, turkeys, I have to say they are DUMB...whoops, rambling here.
Anyway, the fibromyalgia is really trying to kick my butt, but I refuse to let it keep me down- I have too much to do! Carly Simon sang it "I Haven't Got Time for the Pain"- and no, I don't. I really cannot wait to go to the pain clinic though on the 28th. I pray with all my might that the doctor I see listens to me, really hears what I am saying, and understands me. It would be fantastic if she could recommend a doctor that treats fibromyalgia- that would make me one happy chickie! My dream of course, would be to find a doctor that does both modalities of medicine and alternative. If I had to do it all over again, I would have been that kind of doctor.
Ok, so on to the day's events.
I have two reviews I am working on...
One will be posted later today, so stay tuned and YEP- I will be having my first GIVEAWAY! I am sooooo jazzed too!
This blog, along with some great friends, have breathed new life into me! I was wandering around, wondering "what I am to do now?" OOooh, it's like Christmas morning everyday! I have so many ideas that I carry around a notebook again.

Like I said, you just never know what you will be seeing with this blog, so make sure you keep visiting- and bring some only gets better!