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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The very first sentence that I write I want to include my heartfelt thanks to Ellie, who pretty much made this blog for me after I went bug-eyed trying to learn about blogging in 10 Easy Steps. So, again, thank you so very much to you, Ellie! (By the way, there is no easy way to make a blog)
Ok, so this is it. Grab a cup of what makes you happy, sit down and enjoy- that's all I ask. Pardon the dust and you might have to sit on the floor for a minute, but I promise, you will still want to come back.
This blog will be like me, a little of everything...and you will just never know what you will get. It may be samples, freebies, jokes, pictures, simple thoughts, complex thoughts, or just plain fun nonsense. Of course, there will be reviews, giveaways and maybe even some trivia.
The title came from the fact that as I enter another phase of my life, I am indeed reinventing myself. About a year ago, I started the wonderful journey (hear the Hallmark movie soundtrack in the background?) of menopause, more on that later. I have moved to another state, and before the move I lost everything I owned to mold damage- more on that at another time too.
So, I essentially am starting over. Add to the mix that I am now an empty-nester and feel like I am just now discovering myself and what I like all over again.
I also deal with the fact that I have fibromyalgia, in dealing with that, over the years I have done ALOT of research and have found many useful tidbits of information along the way that I would love to share and hear what others have to say as well.
Please make sure to bookmark this new home, and before you leave, please make sure to become a follower and one more thing???Can you please tell your friends? The more the merrier here! I want to hear from all of you too.
This is going to be so much fun!


Joyce said...

Nice blog Patti! Looking forward to reading updates.

tawnda said...

glad to see another OLSer blog grow! ...you might wanna put your blog name in instead of a '*' though... (just the little details that make a big difference... ;-) came up on rss subscribe & follow)

MonCherie said...

I have comments to read! How cool is that!? AND followers...stay tuned.