It's WAR!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am proclaiming war on how I feel! I feel fat and getting flabby now. I had alot of time to think about what I want to do with this blog. The possibilities are endless, but I am going to feature a superfood, or a good-for-you food weekly. During that week, I will have recipes for that food, tips and more importantly *why* that food is good for you. Feel free to add any recipes that you with that food as well. It will be interesting to hear all the ideas.
I have been looking at avacados and artichokes. So, later today- that will be the featured food- Artichokes.
I am also wanting to learn about vitamins and minerals as well as supplements, so as I learn, I would love to share that with all of you as well.
On my trip, I read alot of snippets from magazines while traveling and you betcha that I highlighted what I wanted to share on here....with all of you.
Soooo, in the reinvention of myself- first stop is getting this weight off. That means...and this hurts to even type it...dropping sugar from the diet. I have a hard time with that because any sweeteners make me flare
just thinking about it. I don't have alot of sugar, just with my coffee in the morning and when I make iced tea- which then brings me to caffiene. Hmmm, I think first I will begin with the sugar huh?
Got any tips that can help? I would love to know them.


Dunnea said...

Like you, I am feeling fat and flabby. I eat so many super foods like blueberries, flaxseeds, avocado. I have been making a morning shake daily. Almond milk, banana, berries,parsley, celery, spinach, organic carrot, fresh ginger root, some vitamin c powder, whey protein powder when i can afford it, ground flax seeds ( I grind them in a coffee bean grinder) plain or vanilla yogurt when I can't afford protein powder. Lately adding safflower oil because Womans World mag said it blasts belly fat. Supposedly so does olive oil. Blend up. yum Yum. Snacky lunch like crackers or wasa bread with some sliced cheddar and apple. Dinner whatever I like withing a healthy reason but splurge on pizza night or I would be miserable and I still am spreading. Tummy tuck and liposuction used to sound ridiculous. Now I know where my first chunk of lotto winnings would go. At almost 50 I am learning there is no such thing as regulating your hormones - it has to be a myth. Truth - hormones CAN make you fat no matter what the male doctor tells you. Truth - gravity works!

Dunnea said...

Re: sugars. Have you tried Agave Nectar syrup? Good taste, not as high impact as sugar is best way to describe how it makes me feel. Health food stores but I did see it at a Walmart recently.
I like sweet in my coffee and tea but when I want to cut back to cut out and get used to no sugar I do it very slowly so a quarter teaspoon begins to taste like a lot. My kids have become so accustomed to me baking with less sugar over the years that they complain commercial baked goods are too sweet.

Sugar is better for us than aspartame and that sucralose stuff. They mess with nervous system and brain. It's poison when eaten daily.